December TBR: Books to Review

I know we are pretty much already at the halfway point of this month... But I really want to show you what I will be reading this month in terms of books that I will be reviewing. I'm gonna get straight on into it because it's going to be a long list...

I received this books months ago. I was part of the authors review team and I thought that I could be interested in these books. But as it turns out I am not really. I will however attempt to read it to review it but honestly, I don't know when that will happen...

I've already read this and reviewed it. You can find my full thoughts here. But in short, I received this book from Smith Publicity and Sourcebooks. I was asked to do both a promotional post and review the book. I jumped at the opportunity. I loved this book..

I received this book a couple months ago as well and I just couldn't get to this. I love fallen angel kind of stories. They tend to be some of my favorite reads. I've started to read this book but I am not extremely far into this book just yet. But I hope to finish as soon as I am able.

I actually purchased this book myself but Nelou is an indie author and they get automatically put on my review list. I love indie authors and I adore supporting them in anyway that I can. I found this book on instagram because someone I follow was promoting the book so I jumped at the opportunity and got it. Honestly, I have no idea what this book is about but I am excited to read it.

I received this book in November along with the following two books.

I have already read and reviewed this book so you can find that review here.

I'm about to start this book and I am super excited for it. I don't remember too much about it but I cannot wait to just jump in and immerse myself in Heldt's writing once more.

I believe this novel is similar to Indiana Belle in the sense that it has time traveling (which I am total trash for.) In all honesty, this is one of the books I am most excited for!

I was super excited for this book... I loved the synopsis and the cover is just superb but unfortunately, I had too many expectations for it and honestly I wish I didn't. But in the same note I am sure that if I read this book at a different time, I might enjoy it a lot more. I am absolutely sure that I will be giving this book another shot sometime soon... If you would like to see my review, you can find it here.

I am super excited for these two books. I plan on going into them blind.

I cannot wait to dive into Kenny's series. They look absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see how the novella Broken Ties ties in with the rest of the series.!

I was super fortunate to get this book as part of Blaze Publishing Rep package and from NetGalley. I have to admit, this probably one of my highest anticipated reads of this year, especially since I have seen the cover.

I cannot wait to review this book. It looks absolutely amazing

I had requested this book a couple of months ago from the author. She was giving free copies out to those who wanted to review it and I jumped at the opportunity. However since I read the reviews that were on Goodreads, I am kinda disappointed. I wish I had looked at them first before requesting the book. With that being said, I still want to read the book to determine where I will be standing with this book.

I recieved all of these novels with the idea that they are perfect for around Christmas time. Having not read christmassy books before, I am super excited for them.

The synopsis for this book was so good! I just couldn't resist...

Here's another book from my rep package and I love the synopsis of this one as well. From what I can remember, kids have a tax attached to them and then the government collapses, sending the country into a apocalyptic world

This book is for a blog tour with Xpresso Book Tours. This book is not only pretty but also sounds amazing. I cannot wait to jump into it.

I can't that this is going to one book I will love. The authors are also incredibly sweet! And some of the artwork for this is to die for. I'm pretty excited to see how the events play out in this book.

This book is a contemporary about a girl who runs away. And if I am perfectly honest, I am not a big fan of contemporaries unless we are talking about those cheesy Wattpad ones. But I must admit that I am pretty keen for this book.

Thankfully those are all the books I will be reviewing for this month! It's a heck of a lot but I am ready for this! I still have another TBR post coming out and that post will be about books I want to read for fun (my own books) So I hope to see you then! Also check out the blog everyday or so because I am hoping to get a review out everyday!

Yours In Reading,



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