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Thrilling Drinks

Hi everyone! Today's post is all about thrilling drinks. This post is also sponsored by Pure Cup Coffee who kindly sent all of the drinkables featured above. Be sure to check out their products and if you live in South Africa, you will be able to find these products in any Pick 'n' Pay and Checkers.

Coffee is probably what I would consider to be the most improatn drinkable when it comes to reading. It is perfect for those books you want to stay up all night for and it doesn't help that these taste absolutely amazing. They each have their own unique taste that just amazes me every time when  I drink them. 

Another great drinkable is the kind that you can brew for a while and enjoy for long time. I absolutely  love when I can percolate coffee. It just makes things more fun. Measuring out the coffee, leaving it to brew for a while. Not only does the coffee taste amazing because of the depth in flavour but because you can make a lot of it without a lot of effort and using…

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