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Thrilltober Guest Post ft. moonlightbooks

This is my second year hosting #Thrilltober and I wanted to do something special. I've asked a couple of amazing people what they think of the thriller genre and I was super luckily that Aamir (from @moonlight_books) wanted to write a guest post for my blog! 
Without further delay, here is Aamir's amazing guest post! 

You know, sometimes I’d like to say I put the spook in spooky because quite honestly October is by far my favourite month! The hot cocoa, the falling leaves, the gloomy atmosphere. All of it. Unless you live in South Africa where it is actually Spring and yet the weather still remains cold so hey, it’s Fall in my mind. First of all thank you so much to Melleny for inviting me to be a guest blogger for #Thrilltober. We often freak about about all kinds of books together and she is GENUINELY the sweetest person ever. I mean, how can someone as sweet as her enjoy reading twisted, messed-up thriller books? The answer to that is simple: Thriller books are the best kin…

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