Friday Reads

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! Today I will be showing you what I plan on reading this weekend! It actually turns out that I will be super busy but I am still planning on getting a lot done because I like to get ahead when it comes to reading and reviewing books for other people!

This is the first book that I will be reading this weekend. I am actually currently reading it and am hoping to finish it before Monday! I am really enjoying it so far and cannot wait to see how the book ends!
I actually requested this book from the author. I am really excited to read and review this book for her so be sure to keep your eye out for the review that will be coming this week!

I have a blog post due for this book on Friday, I believe and the synopsis sounds really interesting! This blog post is part of Xpresso Book Tours.

This is another book that I have requested from the author! I loved the synopsis of this book and I cannot wait to get into it! I think it will be a heartfelt read!

These are all of the books that I am hoping to read. I know I didn't really say a lot in terms of why, what, where and when but that is mainly because I like to go into the books blindly... Be sure to check out all of the books on Goodreads and Amazon! That's all from me right now! I will see you in the next post!

Yours in Reading,



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