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Oh my gosh it is the weekend of Christmas. I don't know about you but I'm planning on spending a majority of my time eating and reading my books until actually Christmas Day. I know what you must be think, isn't Christmas a time to spend with your family. Yes it is but on the same note my parents will be doing something similar to me. But before we go on with what I am reading I have something small to say to you!

Please note that the above image does not belong to me

I hope you all have an amazing time with your families and that you get spoiled rotten with all your hearts desires!

I am planning on reading a lot this weekend mainly because I just want to read these books and get them over and done with in the best way possible. In this mix I have a couple of my own book. So let's get on with it!

 I started this book in hope of having a quick and cute read. Unfortunately it hasn't turned out that way... I'll discuss more of my opinions on this book in my review which you can find here once it is uploaded.

 I am still stuck on Heartless. I just have zero motivation to read it right now but I am no quitter so hopefully inspiration hits and I'll just read this book like crazy.

 I am seriously in the mood for this book but every time I see how many pages there are I kind of have a little moment. I loved this book when I read it earlier this year and I don't know why I freak out every time I look at this book.

 This is another of those short reads. I found this at Exclusive Books big sale, where you could get books for R30 each. I saw this, loved the cover, read the synopsis and loved it way more. I might actually pick this one up straight away. I mean doesn't it look interesting?

The next book is actually one I need to read before reviewing another book in the series. I loved the synopsis of this book it sounded fun and epic. It made me sign up for the blog tour I am doing in a couple of days/week.

Those are all of the books that I will be reading that are my own. I cannot wait to get to some of them and the others I cannot wait to finish!

Yours in Reading,



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