Prologue- About Me

Hi! I think I should just say that this isn't my first blog. I originally had a WordPress blog but it simply wasn't meeting my standards and I hardly ever got traffic flow. After doing some research by looking on Instagram at some very popular book bloggers and bookstagramers, I came to the conclusion that this is probably the place I need to be if I want to be part of the amazing book community.

Now I am pretty sure by now you have figured out what type of blog I will be running. If you guess a Book Blog then you are correct! I have an enormous amount of love for books and I love hearing what other people have to say about them. I'm pretty much on all the popular social medias you can think of. I have a bookstagram which is probably were I am the most active in terms of posting and interacting with my followers. I then also have a twitter account which is basically links to my recently uploaded YouTube videos that you can find here. But hopefully I'll be able to change that soon... And last but not least I have one thing that a majority of book lovers have and that is Goodreads!

Okay now the you know where to find me, I am going to get to all the things you can kinda expect from me. I'm going to do a list because I really like lists and bullet points....

  • Monthly TBR posts
  • Monthly Wrap-Up Posts
  • Friday Reads (which is basically what I am going to read during the weekend...)
  • Bookish Things and Thoughts
    • Discussion Posts
    • Bookish Item Reviews
    • And some of the tips I have picked up along the way
  • Book Reviews
And if need be... I'll add some more to that list if I think of anything or if a certain topic gets several posts...

I guess this is the part where I tell you who I am and what I like to do...

Well I am a young book blogger from just above 'down unda' so basically South Africa. I love fantasy books. Sarah J Maas is my number one auto-buy author and I just adore indie authors... I particularly adore Sophia Elaine Hanson... You should totally buy her book VINYL because it is amazing! I am a person who is super organized when it comes to school work but with my bookish social life... Not so much... I have the wonderful gift of reading 100 pages/hour (this depends on the book) (this is me bragging because I can) I love the colour grey and I am super talkative on a group chat but kinda awkward in real life...

Well that's all for this post! And I'll see in my next post!

Yours in Reading,


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