I forgot that this was even happening this weekend. I found out as I was slowly scrolling through my Twitter feed. But as luck would have it... I was lucky enough to catch the readathon just as it had started. So I quickly picked up my book and kept reading.

I am so pleased with what I read in the 24hrs of the readathon and to put a small comparison out there for myself, I read more in this 24-hour period than I have read this whole month.

Yes I made some sacrifices such as ignoring school work and not learning my monologue but it was just one of those weekends where I just had to have a moment to myself. I needed just one weekend of complete reading before I started with my exams in November. And I am glad that it had been this weekend and not the weekend before the exams actually started.

I didn't have much of a TBR for this readathon mainly because I started late but, I decided that I would attempt to read about 4 relatively large books that I wanted to finish before the month was over. These four books were as follows.

I had about 300 pages to left to read of this books so I went ahead yesterday (22 October) and read it. My goal was originally to read page 300 in the book but unfortunately like every Sarah J Maas book I have read, I just couldn't stop there.

In the end I kept to my original rating of the book, which is 5/5 stars.

I have been meaning to finish this series but for some reason I just couldn't find it in myself until to day to finish this book. I had loved every single book in this series until this point and knew if this book left me down I would be absolutely devastated.

Yes there were some things that I didn't love like certain events but other than that it was perfect. I absolutely loved it. I gave it 4/5 stars

Some part of me really wanted to get to this book this weekend but unfortunately it didn't happen. Hopefully I'll be getting to this book soon because I really want to reread it because I don't remember a lot from this book.

But that is all I have for you today, I hope you had a super productive reading weekend and I'll see you in my next post!

Your's in Reading,
Melleny Smith


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