Hey! So yesterday my video version of this went live (you can find that here). But by the time that went live it was so late so I had to push this post until this morning. But basically if you don't know what this post is about then I'm going to tell you! FRIDAY READS is a post telling you about what I am hopefully going to read this weekend, and depending on how busy I am, I will read about 2-3 books.

So onto the book I want to read this weekend!

The first book is one I am reading with Nette from @gingerbooks_ on Instagram. She is basically my long lost twin so be sure to follower her (don't tell her this, but she takes really amazing photos). We decided about a week or two ago that we wanted to read the rest of this series together... And the book that I'll be reading is:
I read the first book about a year ago but I remember everything so vividly. And I am just super excited to read this!

The next book I hope to get to is:
I've been rereading this series as of late and I managed to finish Heir of Fire last weekend! But I am so excited to read this again! After this book I get to read Empire of Storms!

That's all I have for this weekend! What are you reading?

Yours In Reading,


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