Reading Plans

Hello and welcome back for another week of reading plans. Some changes are coming to Reading Plans. One of them is that I now have a banner for this post! Do you like it? Another change is that you now have the option to either read the blog post or you can watch a video.

If you prefer to watch videos, then you can find it here

A little update on last weeks reading plans:

I managed to read two books and start a third. Things definitely didn't go according to plan last week. I didn't do as much reading as I wanted to. But I have hopes that this week will be a bit better considering that my exams end on Thursday.

Must Read Books:
a quick note, all of my must read books are for my uni course as I have to get to them before my exam
Mood Read Books:
Is this super ambitious? Most definitely. I'll probably only be able to get to a couple of these books. I have high hopes though!

What are your reading plans for the week?

Yours in Reading,


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