Reading Plans

Hello and welcome to a brand new edition of reading plans. Much like last week, I am about to make a ton of plans of what I would like to read but I probably won't even get to some of these books :(.

However, despite that, I cannot wait to share my plans with you this week. I'm focusing on a smaller books so that I can get through them a lot quicker and hopefully give myself the upper hand.

A little update on last weeks reading plans, last week I managed to get to two of my books. I really wish I had read more books but life and exams seemed to get in the way. I hope that this week is better! Without further hesitation, here are my reading plans!

Must Reads
  • Draakasem by Jaco Jacobs (This is actually going to be the week that I read this book. This I promise)
  • The Crims by Kate Davies (I cannot wait to jump into this book which has been described as Adams Family-esque)
  • Missing by Sue Whiting (I'm really excited that I get to jump into this thriller. I have some exciting plans for later this year and I need to do some research first)
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown (I just got this book but I'm planning on buddy reading it with my friends Abi and Mieke (instagram accounts are linked))
Mood Reads
  • The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler (I love the premise of this book and I think it is pretty cool that the author decided to modernise the content for contemporary audiences)
  • Girl Can Vlog: Festival Frenzy by Emma Moss (I received this a while ago and though that now would be a great time to jump into it)
These are the books I am planning on reading this week. I always hope that I will read more! But we shall see! Be sure to check out my instagram if you would like to see daily updates on what I am currently reading!

Yours in Reading,


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