Reading Plans

It's a new week and that means that it is time for my reading plans. 

I'm officially on study break this week which means that I can get a little more into reading. I've been busy lately and I'm hoping that this week will be a calm one.

A little update on last weeks reading plans. I managed to finish two books and start another one. The week just seemed to fly by and I found myself not really being at home and being able to read. However, I hope that this week, I can get to all of the books.

Must Read Books:
  • Seafire by Natalie C. Parker (I started this one over the weekend and I want to finish it this week)
  • Switchback by Danika Stone (I wanted to get to this book last week, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way)
  • Pragtige Piesangs by Elizabeth Laird en Liz Pichon (As mentioned last week, I would like to get to Afrikaans books as they are part of my heritage and I also want to create a new series on my blog)
Mood Reads:

What are your reading plans for this week? Do you have one book that you really need to get to?

Yours in Reading,


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