Reading Plans

Happy Monday! Or rather as happy as a Monday can be. This blog post is going to discuss my reading plans for the week.

A small update on last week, I managed to get to all the books I wanted to and a little more which mad eye really happy. If you would like to see daily updates on my reading, be sure to check out my Instagram! I post all of my updates on my stories! But without further delay, here are my reading plans for this week:

Must Read Books:
  • Bright and Burning Stars by A.K. Small (I have a blog tour for this book this week! Keep your eyes out for that post.)
  • Switchback by Danika Stone (This isn't high priority right now but I definitely want to get a head start on reading it)
Mood Books:
  • Consumed by J.R. Ward 
  • Draakasem by Jaco Jacobs (I want to start reading more Afrikaans books and I figured this book was a great start)
  • Seafire by Natalie C. Parker
These are plans for the week! What are yours? Are you going with the flow or do you already have some books sitting somewhere, ready for you to pick them up?

Yours in Reading,


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