Cradle Gift Review

Title: Cradle Gift
Author: Patricia Bossano
Series: The Faery Trilogy #2
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: 26 August 2013
Source: Wildbound PR
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reading Timeline: 23 October 2017 - 25 October 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

On the day she was born, Maite received a cradle gift from the faery Nahia - a gift that allows her to travel into other worlds while in a dream state.

At seventeen, Maite's mortal world is torn apart with the tragic loss of her parents. Uproorted from the only home she's ever known and isolated in a foreign country, the young woman struggles to make sense of her new life. But the conflict of the realm of Faery is about to bleed over into Maite's reality. She finds herself in the middle of an ancient struggle between Nahia and the Beautiful One as they furiously clash for control over the realm.

Through her Cradle Gift, Maite uncovers the extent of the Faery Realm's involvement in her life, and in her quest to come to terms with it, Maite has the help of best friend Emily, and David; a young man whose interest in genetics illuminates possibilities that will change her identity forever 

Book Review:
Pre-reading Thoughts:

I am really excited to see how Patricia has progressed from the first book to this one. I am also excited to see how this story ties in with the previous book in the series!

Thank you so much to Wildbound PR for sending me a copy of this book! I am so grateful! Just a small disclaimer for those reading this review. I have received this book in exchange for an honest review. Please note that this does not affect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own.

Writing Thoughts:

The writing in this book was a lot less dense than the first one. The book flowed a lot better than the first one because it wasn't as description heavy, instead the author found a really good balance between dialogue and descriptions. The dialogue was fun and interesting but I don't speak a lick of Spanish and the little that I knew wasn't always as helpful as I thought it would be. There was no reference for the little sentences spoken in Spanish and therefore those sentences were lost on me.

Plot Thoughts:

The plot was really interesting. One minute it was slow moving and the next it was fast. However it got to a point where it was slow moving again. Whilst I really enjoyed the accessibility of the plot, I just wasn't as interested in it as much as I had hoped. I wasn't really bothered in knowing what happened. But I have to say whilst I wasn't interested in the overall storyline, I really enjoyed what I read.

Character Thoughts:

Maité is a very interesting character. She is seventeen but a majority of the time she acted a but younger than that. Other than that, she really was a great character. She also had a really good heart. I also really loved Em's personality. She was fun and funny, caring and overall a really good supporting character.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed the story. The writing was a lot better and the dialogue was natural and fun to read. The only problem I had was not understanding some of the Spanish.  The plot was interesting. Despite being slow at times, it developed quite well, I just had a problem with finding my own personal interest in the story. Whilst I couldn't find any personal interest in the book, it was still quite good. The characters were fun and interesting. Thank you so much to Wildbound PR for sending me a copy of this book!

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