This month was one of the best reading months that I have had in months. I probably should've studied for my November exams but I think reading was exactly what I needed this month.
I read a totally of 12 books all which averaged to beat about 4 stars each. Well without further or do... Here is my wrap-up

I read Wake right in the beginning of this month. I was one of the library books I had been holding onto for about a month. I'm so glad I finally got to it. It was a really great introduction to the series.

Immediately after I finished Wake, I picked up Lullaby. I definitely think that by picking this book up straight away, I stopped myself from possibly getting confused at a later stage.

I really enjoyed both but I personally prefer the Trylle Trilogy
                                   ****                                                                                                        ****
 I was at my best friend's house and she owns the entire Shadow Falls series. Which I am completely jealous of. I read the first three books last year during December and fell in love with it almost instantly. I love how unique it is. So when I had finished all the books I had taken with me, I picked up this book because I really wanted to continue with the series but I had totally forgotten what had happened in each book. So I ended up picking this one up again. I had never been more upset for not continuing a series straight away than with this book. I seriously hate school and being sick sometimes...                           **** 
            I had such high expectations for this book and sadly I was let down by ti. I couldn't understaff half of it but what I could understand was pretty good. I'll probably pick this book up at a later stage again but at this point I am disappointed by this book and am still debating whether or not I should pick up the second book.

Continuing with my ToG rereads, I picked up Heir of Fire this month. And lets just say I died a little... I love this book so much. I can barely contain myself every time someone talks about Manon or Rowan. They are both my little marshmallows.

                  ***** (WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU GIVE THIS BOOK)
Finale... The final book in the Hush Hush Saga. Just wait while I shed a tear... I have laughed and almost cried in this series and seeing it come to a close has definitely made me super sad. I loved and hated this book. I loved everything about this book except its ending. If you know anything about me then you know that I am very protective of my marshmallows.
That's all I am going to say.

I actually have a review for this book up which you can find here for all of my thoughts.


My best friend has pretty mush read the entire series (except for the last one) and she twisted my arm into reading this book. Funnily enough I really enjoyed this book. A lot happened in such a short amount of time but I loved the pace of it and everything. I love this twist on vampyres. It's super interesting and I do recommend that you pick it up if you are at all interested in any vampire books.


I've also been rereading the Trylle Trilogy lately because of a nostalgic moment... And I am utterly in love with this series. I have no words for how much I enjoyed rereading this book because even though I had already this book, it felt as if I was reading it for the first time.

So my twin (Nette) and I decided that we would read the second book in the White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter together. This book was fantastic. I really love this series and we see immense character growth and I just loved reading this book. Another great thing that came out of this is that Nette and I now know that the other reads like zombies are chasing us... See what I did there? Haha...

This is the last book that I read this past month. A big thanks to Ayrah (the wonderfully kind person who sent me this book) for making me finally get to this book. I had been pining over those book for about 2 years until Ayrah not only sent me the book but made me read it! I'm so glad that I did. And even thought the movie is so different from the book I think they are both amazing! Be sure to pick this book up as soon as you can!


And that lovely readers is all that I have for you on this post! Feel free to comment what you read in the month of October! Look out for my next post!

Yours In Reading,


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