November TBR

So I was kinda MIA for the last few days and that is due to the fact that I am busy with my year end exams... These exams are really important because I am applying provisionally to universities! But enough of that fluff! My TBR may seem long (which it totally is) but I plan on doing a lot of reading and writing from the 25th until the end of the month!

Onto the books!

 This is my book club's book of the month for November! I have already started to read the book and it's so good! I really recommend it!

If you want to join you still can! Just follow @tothestarsbookclub on Instagram!

I am then planning on reading this book. A couple of months ago, was contacted by Terry and he asked me to review his books. This is the last one of the Halfway Witchy Trilogy. So far I have absolutely adored the series. It is definitely something different but I am excited to see how it ends!

Last month I read Ruby Red and I just couldn't wait to get to this one! So hopefully I can get to it soon.

I read the sequel to Alice in Zombieland last month and absolutely loved it! I have started reading this book but I have no idea when I will get to it. But if luck is on my side then hopefully it will be before the end of this month!

Continuing with my reread of the Trylle Trilogy, Ascend is one of the physical books that I will be picking up. I loved the conclusion of this series but at this point the events leading up to it have been a little hazy... Hopefully it is as good as I remember
Queen of Shadows... My one true love...
This is the last book I need to reread before I get to EoS and I'm so excited for this! The past year has been leading up to this moment and I am just super excited to dive right into it!

My TBR is incredibly long and hopefully I can get to all of these books at the end of the month because December is going to be super busy with me reviewing books and reading my own whilst making videos for my channel!
But until then, I bid thee farewell.

Yours in Reading,


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