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Hi guys! I am back with another amazing blog tour post! This tour is obviously for Xpresso Book Tours  and the book, The Broken One. I have been supplied with an extract that I get to share with all of you! And I hope you enjoy it!

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I’ve often heard that few people actually remember things that happened to them before the age of three. My dad once told me his earliest memory was at age four, and I told him that mine was at two. He didn’t challenge it. And for a really long time, I truly believed the memory of my mom and me in the snow was real. Don’t get me wrong—it was real in the sense that it happened, but that memory, well, it came from a home video. 
In the video, my mom held me in her arms. Bundled up in a pink parka and braving the cold in the Colorado Rockies, I looked like a little fish swallowing flakes as fast as they fell. My mom wore a pink coat, too; only hers had a fur-trimmed hood framing her wind-chapped face. As I devoured the huge crystalline snowflakes, Mom giggled and doused my fat cheeks with kisses. Years later, Dad told me we’d taken that trip to the mountains for Christmas—our last with her. The video was the only memory I had of my mom, and every time it snowed, images of that day resurfaced in my mind.
Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, snow swirled in the gray sky like mini-tornados. I pushed away the thoughts of my mom and looked at the woman across from me at the kitchen table. “Do you think we’ll get the storm?” I asked her.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you liked that extract and would very much like to purchase the book!

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