February 2017 TBR

Oh my gosh! I am so excited for this months TBR. These books are either books that I have requested, that where sent to me or they are part of a blog tour that I am taking part in. Okay here we go! Be sure to check out my video that I did as well and you can find a Goodreads bookshelf with the entire month's TBR.

The first book that I will be reading is one that I have requested from the author herself. This book just kept popping up on my Instagram feed and it was just gorgeous. So like what any normal person would do, I requested it and I was accepted! I am pretty excited for this book. I've already started it and the pages just seem to be flying by and I don't think that I am ready for the end...


In order to get ahead with all of my blog tours this month, I decided to start reading this book. It is set in a dystopian world and the catch phrase is extremely interesting! So far the book has gotten off at a slow start but I have a lot of faith in this book!


I don't even remember requesting this book from Xpresso Book Tours so when I received this book in my email, I kinda had a what moment... But now that I kinda know where I stand, I am pretty excited to get to this book!

I am doing a blog tour for the second book, which I will be mentioning in a moment, and I have yet to read this book which si the first book in the Isolation series. I am pretty excited because this book sounds badass and I am ready for it!


Here is the second book of the Isolation series as mentioned above. Once again, this is a badass cover and I just love it! I cannot wait to get to this book!

I am not usually a big fan of contemporary novels but this one sounded so interesting and I just couldn't pass the opportunity for this book! I am really excited to see how this book plays out in the end...

I believe that this a vampire book? But then again I could be totally wrong... I also believe that this is set in two different time periods which has me really excited to get to this book! I cannot wait for it because I have feeling like a book similar to this one... Let's hope that this quenches my mood's hunger...

As far as I can remember, this is supposed to be a funny new adult contemporary with a splash of murder. All I am looking forward to is the humor part of it because I feel like I need a good and funny book to help me through the rest of my school term.

This cover just gives me the Mafia vibes... Here is another contemporary that I requested to review for a blog tour! I am pretty excited because it looks like something that I would really like reading!

This is a werewolf book... And I am dying to read it. I used to love reading werewolf books because the idea of mates and transformation really interested me when I was younger. And I am ready to jump back into a paranormal that I like!

These are all of the books that I will be reading this month! Be sure to check out my Goodreads to see how far I am into my TBR and stay tuned for my thoughts on all... yes ALL... of these books!

Yours in Reading,



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