Omen Operation Review

Title: Omen Operation
Author: Taylor Brooke
Series: Isolation #1
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication Date: 26 January 2016
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Format: E-book
Pages: 306
Rating: 4.8
Reading Timeline: 05 February 2017 - 09 February 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

After an epidemic spreads thought the country, Brooklyn Harper's high school years have come to an abrupt end.

Implanted in a rural camp, Brooklyn and her friends are cut off from their families and the outside world. Each day is filled with combat training to assure their safety against the craze, belligerent, and deadly- those infected with a mysterious virus.

If the world couldn't get any crazier, a letter ups the insanity...

After being assured day after day that the world outside their little camp has been compromised, Brooklyn's cabin-mat Dawson Winters, finds a letter that turns everything they'd known upside down. There is a world outside the trees that surrounds their camps and the virus they all feared seems non-existent.

Determined to see it herself, Brooklyn plots with others to attempt an escape...

On the outside, Brooklyn finds the world is as normal as ever. But when they are attacked in the city, they dispose of their attackers far more efficiently than any normal human. Is their more to Brooklyn and her friends then just being highly trained?

As their exploration continues, the group is faced with impossible feats. Betrayal, love, death, and a powerful sense of camaraderie lead Brooklyn and her friends to fight for their life, their freedom, and most of all, each other.

Book Review:
Pre-reading Thoughts:

I was sent an e-copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours as I am taking part in the Echo Campaign Book Tour (expect another review from this series), the second book in the series. I have no idea wheat to expect from this book as I plan on going into this book blind. All I know is that it looks cool and like something that I will probably enjoy reading.

Writing Thoughts:

There is something addicting about Brooke's writing. I haven't read something this well written in a long time. A lot of the books I have read so far feel structured and rigid compared to this book. The writing was so... effortless. It was completely unexpected.

It was like I couldn't get enough of the book. I was absolutely addicted. I could not put my kindle down. And if by some miracle I did, it was with great difficulty. I loved the writing and cannot wait crave to read more from Brooke.

Plot Thoughts:

The book starts off randomly but this is just for a second. It immediately starts to focus on the story that is about to unfold. The book becomes filled with action almost immediately. And I think I have found my new obsession. The story progressed really well. We move from one surprise to another constantly. But do not take that as a bad thing. It was done quite well.

I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my kindle as tightly as I could without breaking or causing damage to it. I was amazed and gobsmacked at all the anticipation that I felt whilst reading this incredible book. I was absolutely devastated when the book ended. And I can't entirely say that I was okay to go to school or continue with my normal routine the day after. An amazing gem can be found here.

Character Thoughts:

The characters in this book are so amazing. All of them felt accessible and right. None of them felt forced, if that makes sense. I adored Brooklyn and Porter. They were so cute together. But they frustrated me to no ends. There was such an obvious attraction between the two of them but neither of them fully acted on these feelings. It was super frustrating... Someone needed to make the first move but no one did.

Gabriel and Brooklyn have a friendship that no one can stand in the way of. This is one of the aspects of the book that I loved. It really made the story in some aspects. Gabriel and Brooklyn always defended each other in times of conflict and times of trouble. They never left each other's side and they really pulled on my heartstrings. It was a friendship that I wanted and couldn't help but be envious of. I really loved this.

Final Thoughts:

This book was incredible. I loved it. I obsessed over it. I couldn't put it down. I was addicted. It was extremely close to perfection in my eyes. I recommend this book to everyone. Doesn't matter what you like, I recommend this book to you. The book is action packed and filled with friendships that pierce your heart. It was a fantastic read. I cannot wait for the second book!

Yours in Reading,



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