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This is something new that I want to introduce to the blog. I will probably only use this type of post during the my holidays when I can actually afford to use it. And what I mean by that is that I will be reading way more right now because time which had previously been occupied by school and homework.

I am extremely excited to start this seasonal post thing with you guys... I also just want to say thank you for getting this blog to 200 views in less than a month... That is really amazing. I am absolutely take away from that realization.

Okay I am going to get to the logistics of this post quickly before actually getting into the books that I  will be reading.

Firstly, this blog post is a weekly TBR for me. There will sometimes only books sent to me by authors (which I will mention in the short caption thing that I do) and then there will be my own books that I bought with my own money.

Secondly, this TBR is from Monday to Thursday. I will still be doing my Friday Reads blog post. This will allow you, my readers to see what I have read and what I still have to read.

Okay let's get onto the books I will be reading from the 28 November- 1 December.

We'll start off with the book that I am actually currently reading,
 I am not super far into this book at the moment, I think I have read about sixty pages or so. But the books isn't too long and I am really excited to see how the series ends after such a long time.

This was part of last weeks Friday reads but this weekend wasn't exactly reader friendly...

The next book is one I received months ago, during May I believe. I was part of the authors ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) Team. But I recently decided that because her books do not interest me anymore, I would her a favor and just take myself off of that list.
This is a contemporary novel and if you follow me on any of my social medias then you will know that I am not a big YA contemporary reader at all never mind a New Adult contemporary reader.

But I figured that I would give this a shot and see how it goes but I am probably going to push this off as much as possible.

The next book is also another book of Terry Maggert. This one was published pretty much the other day and the premise is amazing! I'll insert the Goodreads link here.
I'm pretty excited for this book because I love angle stories no matter how bad or good they are, I read them. This and fantasy are kind my niche.

I'm hoping that I can get to this book before Friday but I will have to see how everything pans out in the end.

The last book on my list is one of my own purchase (it was free though so I didn't actually spend money). But I saw @throneofreaders recommend this book and I decided that it was free and if I didn't like the book then it would be okay.
The Fray Theory is an indie published book and you can find the author on Instagram if you want to know more about her. But if you want to see what the book is about, you can find that information here

That's all I am officially planning on reading this week but I am kinda hoping that I will manage to squeeze in another book or two. I will have to see!

Yours in Reading,


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