I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog knows about NaNoWriMo. But if you don't then basically the acronym stands for NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH. As a participant you have a month to write 50 000 words. The month the organizers have allocated for this event is November. The that I am doing is originally from YouTube... So Enjoy!

How many times have you done NANOWRIMO?

           I have done NaNo for about 3 years now but officially for 2 years

 How did you first find out about NaNoWriMo?
           About 3 years ago I was on Twitter following pretty much the same people as I am now, and someone mentioned that they were doing NaNoWriMo. Being the curious person that I am, I went and googled it. And the moment I read what it was all about I just jumped in and went for it.

What is the name of your first novel?
           Gosh I don't even remember...

Give a one sentence summary of what you are writing this year 
           A contemporary cliche.

What is the best writing advice you have ever received
           Just keep writing. A story needs to be written before it can be considered. Just start and you will see the words fly out of your head, through your finger tips and onto the screen.

Did you ever take a year off of writing?
           No. But I have considered it.

What is your biggest inspiration when trying to figure something to write?
           I love tumblr. I just find the best inspiration on there but I have to admit that music definitely plays a part in this.

Give one sentence from one of your stories
          He was there. (I know it's so fantastic)

Why do you like to write?
         I know what it is like not to be heard when you are shouting your loudest. I feel like the stories that are stuck in my head are shouting and just waiting to be heard. I write because it is one of the few places I can go unfiltered. 

So that is all I have for this post today! Feel free to do the tag!

Yours In Reading,


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