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I'm back! My holidays have officially begun! That means that I have about two months of reading and posting things! But today I thought I would get back into the habit of writing what I will be reading this weekend! This weekend is pretty much dedicated to books that I need to review so lets get on with it! (All the reviews for these books will be up during the next week or so)

So the first book is one that was sent to my by the author himself and that books is:

Oh my gosh! This series has just been fantastic. And now that I finally have the physical copies of the series I can't wait to share some of my favorite moments with you! This is one of my top priority books for the weekend as I am hoping to get the review for this book up by the 29th of November

The next book was sent to me by Smith Publicity. Sarah contacted me to do the promotion as well as the review and I just couldn't say no to this amazing sounding book! My review for this book will be up on the 29th of November!
This book has an amazing synopsis! It is about Albert Einstein's wife! First of all... I never new he had a wife and second of all there is this theory that she actually helped him out with some of his discoveries! This is still a work of fiction but it is based on steady research which I just find super interesting! If you didn't know, I am a huge history fanatic. I absolutely love history so when I saw this book I jumped at the opportunity to read it!

The last book that I will be reading this weekend is something I actually don't typically read. It is not one of my favorite kind of books. And to be completely honest with you, if I saw this on Amazon, I would look past it. But I was sent the book a couple of months ago and I finally decided that I should pick it up as a curtesy for the author... My review for this book will be up on the 28th of November so keep your eyes out for it!

As I said just by looking at the cover, I wouldn't actually buy it for myself. It's not that I don't like the author or the book. It just that this isn't one of my genres and I am really hoping that I like this book...

So those are all of the books I am planning on picking up, obviously if I pick up more then I do! But I am excited to get started on all of this!

Comment down below what you will be reading this weekend, I would love to see.

Yours in Reading,


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