Thriller Adaptions [2019 Edition]

I feel as if we are currently in this huge movement where producers and film companies love turning books into movies. I mean it makes sense because there is an already established fan base and honestly some of these movies are amazing. 

If you haven't guessed it already, today I am talking about all of the thrillers that have either hit the big screen or that will be finding their way there soon.

A quick note! In terms of thrillers, it is the year of Stephen King Adaptations. Let me know if you are keen on watching any of these adaptations!

If you would prefer to watch a video instead, you can watch it down below


You can keep reading to see what big books are hitting the theatres that I am excited to watch at one point or another

Pet Sematary by Stephen King 
Movie Release Date: April 5th

IT by Stephen King (Chapter Two)
Movie Release Date: September 6th
Chapter One Trailer | Chapter Two Trailer

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
Movie Release Date: November 8th

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