To Kill A Kingdom Review

Title: To Kill A Kingdom
Author: Alexandra Christo
Series: Not Applicable
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: 06 March 2018
Source: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pages: 358
Rating: 5 Stars
Reading Timeline: 13 September 2018 - 14 September 2018

Goodreads Synopsis:

I have a heart for every year I've been alive.

There are seventeen hidden in the sand of my bedroom. Every so often, I claw through the shingle just to check they're still there. Buried deep and bloody.

Princess Lira is siren royalty and revered across the sea until she is cursed into humanity by the ruthless Sea Queen. Now Lira must deliver the heart of the infamous siren killer or remain a human forever.

Prince Elian is heir to the most powerful kingdom in the world and captain to a deadly crew of siren hunters. When he rescues a drowning woman from the ocean, she promises to help him destroy sirenkind for good. But he has no way of knowing whether he can trust her …

Book Review:
Pre-reading Thoughts:

This was one of my most anticipated for the year. I heard really good things about this book so far so I have high hopes. Also, there is a rumour that this is haters to lovers and that's my favourite trope in the whole world!

Thank you so much to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sending me a copy of this gorgeous book! Just a small disclaimer for those reading this review. I have received this book for free. Please note that this does not affect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own.

Writing Thoughts:

The writing was easy to get into and sort of catchy. I loved how everything flowed quite well. The author used the characters to describe a lot of the detail in the book that worked really well. But I think that this method is a tricky one to use because whilst it did work well, there were times where the detail didn't stick too well. The dialogue was my favourite as I live for the banter.

Plot Thoughts:

This plot was well thoughts out and honestly had me sitting at the edge of my seat with all the bubbling possibilities. I loved bloody and full of gore the book was. I think that everything was captured so well in this short book. I wanted more book based in this world. I think that depth that the folklore of the book brought added that extra element that made this story so believable.

Character Thoughts:

Lira stole my heart from the first page and every page thereafter she showed the complexity of her character quite well. Elian was a fantastic and an absolutely perfect love interest. The other characters were so well developed that it made me want to know more about their personal stories.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this book blew me out of the park. I went into this not knowing much and I came out wanting to read more and more about this world and its characters. The writing is super easy to get into and the banter is absolutely perfect. The plot honestly was perfect. I had pause a couple of times because I couldn't quite believe what had happened. The characters left me with a taste for more. Thank you so much to Jonathan Ball Publishers for providing me with a copy of this book!

Yours in Reading,


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