Crown of Midnight Review

Title: Crown of Midnight
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass #2
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children
Publication Date: 15 August 2013
Source: Purchased
Format: Paperback (UK)
Pages: 418
Rating: 4.75 Stars
Reading Timeline: 14 June 2018 - 17 June 2018

Goodreads Synopsis:

Crowned by Evil. 
Bound by Duty.
Divided by Love.

Celaena Sardothien, royal assassin, is the King of Adarlan's deadliest weapon. She must win her freedom through his enemies' blood - but she cannot bear to kill for the crown. And every death Celaena fakes, every lie she tells, put those she loves at risk.

Torn between her two protectors - a captain and a prince - and battling a dark force far greater than the king, Celaena must decide what she will fight for: her liberty, her heart or the fate of a kingdom...

Book Review:
Pre-reading Thoughts:

I am currently rereading the series with a whole bunch of lovely South Africans. Crown of Midnight is my second favourite book in the series because of Chaolaena.

Writing Thoughts:

The writing in this book was a huge set up from the first book in the series. I think that Maas really finds her writing in style in this book. I really enjoyed the pacing of this book even though I kind of found the first couple pages to be slow but after the first 100 pages, it picks up quite well. The detail is a bit sparse in some areas but in others, it is so well done.

Plot Thoughts:

I actually forgot some of the things that happen in this book. This is the book is one of those that set your hopes high but then it just lets you down so hard. I mean my little heart will never recover from some moments. I also can't believe how much foreshadowing is done, as well as how subtle it actually is. 

Character Thoughts:

Celaena, you little cinnamon roll. Ugh. Celaena is finally truly explored as a character in this book. We actually get to see her conflict and her how she deals with certain things like grief. She still isn't this perfect character, in fact, I think that this book further proves that despite her "skills", Celaena is not a clean and perfect character.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I did notice the difference between the first two times that I read this book and now but I am so happy that I feel pretty much the same. The writing was a huge step-up from the first book. The plot just broke my heart all over again and makes me excited for the next book! I loved how this book explored Celaena's darker side. I think that it really helped us to see how important certain people are to Celaena.

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