plans for the last two months of the year

 It is the end of another year and lets just say that I am not ready for the year to end.

I had so many plans for this year and not all of them happened partially because I was in a reading slump for what seems like forever. I've just slowly started coming out of the slump and I am hoping that I can keep the ball rolling for the new year. 

I have so many ideas and most of them will please the mood reader within me and I cannot wait. A lot of the content I am hoping to produce might only be curated next year just because I want to take these last two months as slow as possible and re-fuel before the new year starts. 

So what does that mean for the next couple of weeks?

Well, I am finally getting around to redoing my blog. The idea is to launch on the first of December before it is fully active in January 2022 but more on that a bit later.

I have some last minute video ideas and books that I want to get to but if I don't manage, well that will be okay. I will have the whole of next year... or rather the first couple of weeks of next year... to get through it all. 

I plan on being a lot more active on my Instagram feed and I really want to take the time and invest in reels/ TikTok/ Youtube shorts. I love being active on my stories and I think that the short videos will be a great way to expand my content. 

Honestly, I want to use the last two months of the year to find my groove again and get back to a place where I am not constantly apologizing for not being around because I haven't taken the time to just breath and see where I want things to go. 

I definitely work best when things are planned. I am hoping that I can use these two months to get an idea of what I want my content to be and then I can work on creating that. 

Yours in Reading, 



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