It's spooky season!!


I cannot believe that the year has flown by so quickly. I am still trying to recover from last year September and here I am... October 2021 doing another Thrilltober year!

I didn't get to do one last year because frankly, I have been in the biggest content creating slump of my life. But, the good news is that I am trying to get the joy joys back. I have so many ideas and its about time that I get started on them!

If you are new here, lets talk about what Thrilltober actually is. 

Essentially, I take the spookiest time of the year and read as many thrillers as I can. I talk about every think that might be considered a thriller. I basically go thriller crazy, if you will. 

And this Thrilltober will be no different! I have so many things planned ranging from vlogs all about a featured thriller to some of my ideal thriller tbrs! There will also be some reviews that will pop up so keep an eye out for my thoughts on some of these books!

You can also see the schedule below!

If you have any thrillers to recommend, please feel free! I cannot wait to celebrate this spooky season with you!

Yours in Reading, 



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