One Last Stop Review


Title: One Last Stop

Author: Casey McQuinston 

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Publication Date: 01 June 2021

Source: Libro FM

Format: Audiobook

Pages: 384 pages (12hrs 10 min)

Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Cynical twenty-three-year old August doesn’t believe in much. She doesn’t believe in psychics, or easily forged friendships, or finding the kind of love they make movies about. And she certainly doesn’t believe her ragtag band of new roommates, her night shifts at a 24-hour pancake diner, or her daily subway commute full of electrical outages are going to change that.

But then, there’s Jane. Beautiful, impossible Jane.

All hard edges with a soft smile and swoopy hair and saving August’s day when she needed it most. The person August looks forward to seeing on the train every day. The one who makes her forget about the cities she lived in that never seemed to fit, and her fear of what happens when she finally graduates, and even her cold-case obsessed mother who won’t quite let her go. And when August realizes her subway crush is impossible in more ways than one—namely, displaced in time from the 1970s—she thinks maybe it’s time to start believing.

Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop is a sexy, big-hearted romance where the impossible becomes possible as August does everything in her power to save the girl lost in time.

Book Review:

Pre-reading Thoughts:

I absolutely loved reading Red, White & Royal Blue. I personally believe that it is one of the best NA contemporaries out there. It was also one of my favourite books from 2019 due to how much I loved RW&RB, I was dying to get my hands on this book. I don't really have a lot of expectations going into this book but I have high hopes that I will absolutely love it. 

Thank you so much to Libro FM and Macmillan Audio for providing me with a copy of this book. Just a small reminder for those reading this review, I have received this book for free. Please note that this does not affect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own. 

Writing Thoughts:

The writing in this book didn't play a big role for me as I was listening to the audiobook instead of reading it physically. I do think that that the pacing of the writing, based on how I listened, was great and easy flowing. However, when I do compare it to the pacing on Red, White & Royal Blue, its not quite up to scratch. It is important to note that I physically read Red, White & Royal Blue whereas with One Last Stop, I listened to it. 

Plot Thoughts:

Casey McQuinston definitely writes unique stories that keep you engaged from the first page. I had no idea where this story was gonna go and I had no idea what to expect. But much like with Red, White & Royal Blue, I finished the book feeling wholesome. The book follows August as she comes to terms with some life changing events and someone she didn't quite expect meeting and getting to know. Despite the joy joys I felt due to this book, there were moments in the audio where I felt as though the plot lulled a bit before picking up again.

Character Thoughts:

August was an interesting character to read about. The way in which she viewed life was something that a lot of people will relate to or will be able to find some common ground. Whilst her experiences throughout the book are unique in a lot of ways, her approach to certain situations felt familiar. I will be honest and say that beyond some small connections, I didn't necessarily connect with any of the other characters. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this story was unique and a great follow up to her debut. I do strongly believe, that McQuinston is an author whose books are best read and not listened to. Her writing just seems to flow so much better when you are the one reading it. Her unique stories always grab my attention but I did feel as though, despite being a great book, this one fell just that bit short for me. I liked the characters but I didn't feel obsessed with them. I enjoyed reading their story and where it went but once it was over, it didn't really stick with me. I am definitely excited to see what's next from McQuinston. Thank you so much to Libro FM for providing me with a copy of the audiobook!. 

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