Revelations Review

Title: Revelations
Author: T. Marie Alexander
Series: Not Applicable
Publisher: Star's Sera Publishing
Publication Date: 27 January 2017
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Format: E-book
Pages: 299
Rating: 3 Stars
Reading Timeline: 15 February 2017 - 18 February 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

Have you ever craved something so badly that all reason was just an excuse getting in your way?

Have you needed something so desperately that you didn't care how you got it or who you hurt in the process?

I have- and not that long ago.


Acceptance... from family and friends...

Acceptance of the person I am inside and not outright rejection.

It didn't come easily for mr, and now I believe the world needs to know just how ruthless life can be. How that overwhelming yearning for acceptance can mold you into someone you don't recognize when you look in the mirror. I'm thought hiding behind one façade after another - it's time for the world to meet the real me.

- Antoinette Justice

Book Review:
Pre-reading Thoughts:

I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. When I read the synopsis of the book, I couldn't help but feel like this book was going to hit home one way to another. It also looked like it would be one of those books that send out a really important message. This is basically one book that I cannot wait to experience.

Writing Thoughts:

I don't really know how to describe the writing in this book. I guess you could call it simple and in some places underdeveloped in terms of the grammar. However, it was an extremely easy book to read and although the writing had it's hiccups, it wasn't bad.

Plot Thoughts:

This turned out to be something completely different and unexpected. The book is written in a diary format which caused there to be a lot of parts that weren't as fleshed out as they could have been. The chapters felt rushed in terms of the details we were supplied. Sometimes the timeline just jumped too far ahead. And whilst I expected the book to be about accepting yourself and showing how the main character truly started to accept herself, it turned out to be something just short of that. I can see that the author attempted to make her book into that but I just don't think that it worked. The executions of the plot was quite average. But there was a lot of potential. There was definitely a sense of a personal story beneath the words of the book and I respect the courage that it took to write such a personal book.

Character Thoughts:

I have no idea what to say here besides that there could have been way more development with the characters. We meet a lot of flat characters in this book and I believed that if the characters where a bit more round, it would definitely improve both the plot and the actual book.

Final Thoughts:

I had several expectations for this book and unfortunately, none of them were met. I found this story to be average overall but there was also a lot of potential that can be found if the author decided to revise this book. There is a lot of potential just sitting on the pages of this book. 

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