Hi everyone! There is this trend going around where book blogger or book tubers predict their next five-star ratings and I thought I would do something similar to that. 

Thrillers and I have never been the best of friends but we have a fun relationship nonetheless. Sometimes they fall short of what I expect and it always has to the with the lack of tension. Due to this, I decided to instead predict what I would rate these books pictured above. 

I definitely think that the bunch I picked will impress me but without any hesitation, lets get into it!

  • The Invasion by Peadar O' Guilin [4 - 5 Stars]
This is a YA Thriller and the sequel to The Call (which I gave 4.5 Stars). The Call surprised me because I didn't think that I will enjoy it as much as I did. I also believe that The Invasion will do the same. I also think that The Invasion will surprise me because of how conclusive the ending in The Call felt. I'm definitely excited to read more about Nessa and her adventures!

  • Small Spaces by Sarah Epstein [5 Stars]
There is just something about YA Thrillers that I love. I also love psychological thrillers that mess with your head. These types of thrillers tend to be auto likes for me due to that reason. They just have so much tension surrounding them and I'm so engrossed in the story and I doubt that this one will be much different.

  • Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews [3.5 - 4 Stars]
I'm not too sure as to how this one will play out. I don't know if there will be an ending that I just fall for or if there is nothing too crazy about this book. I'm definitely intrigued to see how this story pans out and how the movie adapts the book into a motion picture. So far, I am going into this book with low expectations.

  • Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin [4.5 - 5 Stars]
I'm guessing what I will give this book based on how really incredible the synopsis sounds and how much success Heaberlin's first book had. If it is anything like the first book, I am 100% positive that I am going to love this one. 

  • The Death Knock by Elodie Harper [3.5 Stars]
I based this prediction on Amy from A Magical World of Words, who ended up giving this book 2.5 Stars. I tend to give a star higher for most of the books that she reads and I end up reading as well. I also think that this book sounds good and based on what other reviewers have said about there being strong female leads, it is safe to say that I am ready to jump into this one!

This concludes my predictions for these five books. What do you think you will rate these book?

Yours in Reading,


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