The Viking's Chosen Review

Title: The Viking's Chosen
Author: Quinn Loftis
Series: Clan Hakon #1
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication Date: 12 February 2018
Source: Xpresso Blog Tours
Format: eBook
Pages: 300
Rating: 4 Stars
Reading Timeline: 27 May 2018 - 28 May 2018
Trigger Warnings: Abuse, Rape

Goodreads Synopsis:

His orders are clear: launch a raid against England and bring home the spoils of war. But the prophecy is also clear: General Torben will take a foreign bride — one who is a seer and healer just like his mother. The eldest princess of England is said to be just that… a beautiful, charming, and headstrong woman. But he's a Viking army general and she's an English princess — and one who is already promised to the king of Tara.

Two worlds collide in this epic historical fiction centered on an undeniable chemistry that smolders against the odds. Richly written and injected with moments of humor, this action-packed romantic tale will leave you breathless.

Book Review:
Pre-reading Thoughts:

I am excited to jump into this book. It sounds like it is going to be swoon-worthy and honestly, I am just in the mood for some cheesy moments and banter. I am reading this during the Shelflove Crate Readathon.

Thank you so much to Xpresso Blog Tours for providing me with a copy of this book to review. Just a small disclaimer for those reading this review. I have received this book for free. Please note that this does not affect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own.

Writing Thoughts:

I felt like the writing was a bit inconsistent. In the beginning, we are confronted with elevated English but as we progress through the storyline, the language becomes more relaxed and modern. I do wish that there was a bit more description when it came to the clothes of the characters because that image was never clear. I did, however, love the banter in this book. It was funny and it made me laugh almost every time.

Plot Thoughts:

I really liked the plot. I thought that this book flew by really quickly. I think that the multiple points of views really helped the storyline progress as it allowed us to see a bit more. The multiple points of views allowed us to see how both characters felt. I definitely think that this book didn't have a lot happening in terms of some major plot influencers but I do think that it set the series up quite well. I would advise you to be cautious if you are wary of violence just as abuse and rape. 

Character Thoughts:

Allete is a strong character who is faced with an impossible situation whilst Torben is a softer character who will do anything to protect what he cares about the most. I definitely think that Torben and Cathal are almost foil characters (direct opposites) and that the author paints a very clear picture as to who is the perfect match for Alette. I absolutely loved Dayna she was a strong-willed character who definitely needs her own book.

Final Thoughts:

verall, this book lived up to the expectations of swoon-worthy moments. I think my heart stopped a couple of times. The writing was a little inconsistent but overall the banter was just a huge winner for me. The plot was well paced and set the story up quite well for the next couple of books. The book introduces a lot of strong female characters that I cannot wait to read more about. Please be aware that this book does contain violence in the form of abuse and rape. 

Thank you so much to Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book. 

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