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Hey Everyone! As you can see, I am participating in a blog tour hosted by SIVLER DAGGER TOURS for the series, Dragon's of Galicia. They have kindly provided me with a copies of this series to review. Please note that this does not affect my opinion in any way.

The blog post will have the following format if you are interested!

  • Giveaway information
  • Book Links
  • Book Review
  • About the Author

Giveaway Information:

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Book Links:

Book One:

Title: Fire and Fate
Author: Simone Pond
Series: Dragons of Galicia #1
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: 5 November 2017
Source: Silver Dagger Tours
Format: E-book
Pages: 129
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reading Timeline: 29 November 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

Unknowing descendant of a legendary dragon slayer, Evelyn is convinced that getting out of her quaint yhamlet is the answer to finding true love and happiness. But she seems destined to work on her mother’s farm, while the other girls present themselves before the gallant Prince Kieran in his quest to find a lady-in-waiting.

When the prince finally takes notice of Evelyn, he’s smitten and chooses her above all the others. Evelyn is elated about living in Verubri Castle and the possibility of marriage. But her happiness is quickly squelched when the prince invites Evelyn’s arch rival, Ciara, to join them.

Before traveling north, Evelyn discovers her dragon slayer ancestry, something she knows must be concealed from Prince Kieran who would consider it treason against his kingdom. But the only way to survive the treacherous journey is to expose herself and possibly ruin her future and even end her life.

The Dragons of Galicia series is set in a world inspired by Celtic legends. Fire and Fate leads directly into the next book in the series, Fire and Chains. 


Book Two:

Title: Fire and Chains
Author: Simone Pond
Series: Dragon's of Galicia #2
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: 08 November 2017
Source: Silver Dagger Tours
Format: E-book
Pages: 128
Rating: 4 Stars
Reading Timeline: 29 November

Goodreads Synopsis:

Though Evelyn survived the journey across the mountain ranges, the challenges are just beginning. Verubri Castle holds dark secrets, Prince Kieran is a tyrant, and Ciara is resolute on destroying Evelyn and seducing the prince.

When a dragon nearly burns down an entire village, Evelyn must go after the beast. But this won’t be easy, not when the prince has her heavily guarded. Evelyn’s hope wains, until she encounters a stranger who changes the course of everything.

With the looming threat of the entire clan of Galician Dragons being reawakened, Evelyn must hurry to save the kingdom, while Ciara aims to rule it. To accomplish their goals, they must defeat Prince Kieran. In their individual struggles to conquer and prevail, Evelyn and Ciara face external and internal demons they never imagined possible.

Book Three:

Title: Fire and Blood
Author: Simone Pond
Series: Dragons of Galicia #3
Publisher: KDP
Publication Date: 08 November 2017
Source: Silver Dagger Tours
Format: E-book
Pages: 130
Rating: 3.75 Stars
Reading Timeline: 29 November 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

Narrowly escaping the castle to be captured by a dragon is only the beginning of Evelyn’s problems. The list of opponents grows as she battles Ciara, Prince Kieran’s army, and more dragons.

With the neighboring villages being burned and pillaged, Evelyn must pull together her own army of dragon warriors to fight the prince and his knights. As her love for Doran deepens, she’ll do anything to ensure he stays alive, even at the cost of going to battle without him.

As the war reaches an explosive peak, both Evelyn and Ciara face deadly consequences. And the only way to save the north from total destruction is for Evelyn to trust her most deceitful adversary, Ciara. If the two don’t join forces, all will be lost.

About the Author:

I write hard-to-put-down, action-packed novels for young and new adults. I’m obsessed with Boston Terriers, Victorian dresses, and the end of the world. I’m a warrior of light. 

I grew up in Kensington, Maryland––a small town just outside Washington D.C.––and spent most of my time filling up journals. In 2013, I published my first fiction novel, The City Center, which won a gold medal in dystopian fiction. I publish a book every couple months, so be sure to sign my mailing list at simonepond.com for updates on new releases.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simonepondbooks

Yours in Reading,

Melleny Smith


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