Seasonal Recommendations

Summer is slowly sinking into the bones of the people in the north, defrosting their bones after a hard winter. They are laying in the sun, absorbing the rays and drinking refreshing beverages. And her in the south, we find ourselves burrowing further into our houses. Drinking more coffee and comforting drinks, eating heart foods and attempting to stay warm as the winter settles into ground around us.

Regardless of the weather, reading is great way to relax and deal with any season. A lot of people have selected genres that they prefer to read in certain seasons. For example, many people would prefer to read contemporaries in the Summer and heavier books such as fantasies in the Winter. 

Today, I am going to suggest a couple of books that I believe is perfect for each seas. I'll start off with the Winter recommendations and then into the summer ones. (Be sure to click on the hyperlink for the Goodreads page)

Winter Recommendations
Summer Recommendations
These are my recommendations. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me!

Yours in Reading,


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