The Book Case Review

Hi everyone! Today I decided to review The Book Case subscription box! I got the February box a couple of weeks ago. I do have an unboxing video up on my youtube channel if you would like to see that.

You can find that here.

The theme of the box was Let the games begin!
Please note that this image does not belong to me but to The Book Case

Now on to the review. (P.S. I actually have no idea how this is supposed to go, with that being said, please bare with me)


The box was delivered quite promptly. I expected there to be a day or two delay but it was delivered a day early. Unfortunately I wasn't there to collect the package but my mother was. The delivery service/ courier was quite friendly and efficient according to her. 

Appearance of box before opening:

The box was smaller than what I had expected but it was quite cute and undamaged which I thought was great considering that on the day that it was delivered, it was raining. 

Appearance of box after opening:

The products filled the box quite nicely. The box wasn't overfull but everything had a place and fitted nicely in the box. I also thought that the overall presentation of the contents was well thought of. It looked incredibly neat. The only suggestion that I have for improvement here is use a cardboard paper to display the theme of the box (but to be honest, that is just a personal preference). I thought that the theme card was printed nicely. It was a great surprise to open

Selection of Products:

I loved everything in this box. Here is a list of all the products a long with my thoughts on them and a rating out of 5.
  • Caraval by Stephanie Garber 
I knew what the book was before I opened the box because of the theme and the hyper surrounding this book. Whilst I had hoped for the hardcover, I was still quite happy with the paper back. It was put in plastic wrapping to protect it which was pretty nice. I really liked it.
  • Socks-in-a-jar by Bee-autifully Yours 5 Stars
I really loved this product. Not only were the socks in the a really nice jar, they were super soft and they fit really nicely. I have worn these socks at least ten million times since I have gotten them. Even on unbearably hot days.
  • A Mocking Jay leather bracelet by Powered by Fandom 5 Stars
I check out this shop last year and they are based in South Africa, which was a place. But to be honest, I still have to personally buy a product from them. Hopefully I can do that soon...

I really liked the quality of this bracelet. I just don't know if I would actually wear the bracelet but you can definitely find it on my bookshelves.
  • A deluxe diamante pencil 4.5 Stars
I have no idea what to use this for, except the obvious of course. I actually thought that this was an interesting product to add into the box. I use the card that was attached to it as a book mark now. But thats the reason why this product lost half a star because I have no idea what the link is. I might obviously change my mind once I discover the link but until then... Other than that, the pencil is of excellent quality!
  • An exclusive magnetic birdie bookmark by PaperCUTe 5 Stars
I loved this. I spoke to the owner of PaperCUTe and she had made every single one without photocopying the design or doing it on the computer. That just made me love the product even more, because it felt very personal. The quality of both the image and the papers used to create the bookmark is just incredible. 
  • Enchanting Silhouette Stickers 4.5 Stars
I really loved this. I have yet to use them but they are so pretty and definitely fit in with the theme. 
  • Diddle Daddle caramel popcorn 5 Stars
I have been meaning to buy myself this popcorn because I had been craving it. So receiving it in the box was truly amazing. I love this type of caramel popcorn.
  • Collectible make-a-wish bracelet- Page 5: Let the games begin! by Bee-autifully Yours 5 Stars
 I really thought that this was interesting! I definitely can't wait to wear it when I don't have to take it off!

Quality of Products:

Overall, I thought that the products where of excellent quality. I loved each and every single one of them.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I will definitely be getting myself this box again. Everything was well thought of and for a newish subscription box, they are really fantastic. Not only is their customer service incredible but just the overall friendless is really great! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for them!

Yours in Reading, 



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