Blood of the Prophet Review

Title: Blood of the Prophet
Author: Kat Ross
Series: The Fourth Element #2
Publisher: Acorn Publishing
Publication Date: 12 September
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Format: E-book
Pages: 337
Rating: 4 Stars
Reading Timeline: 5 January 2017 - 8 January 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

Visionary. Alchemist. Savior. Saint. The Prophet Zarathustra has been called many things. Now he spends his time drawing pictures of weird looking goats. That’s what happens when you’ve been stuck in a prison cell for two hundred years. But the man might be mad, and is definitely supposed to be dead, has suddenly become very valuable again… It’s only been a few weeks since Nazafareen escaped the King’s dungeon’s with her daēva, Darius. She hoped never to set foot in the empire again, but the start for the Prophet has led them to the ancient city of Karnopolis. They have to find him before Alexander of Macydon burns Persepolae, and Darius’s mother with it.But they’re not the only ones looking. The necromancy Balthazar has his own plans for the Prophet, and so does the sinister spymaster of the Numerators. As Nazafareen is drawn in to a dangerous game of cat and mouse, her newfound powers take a decidedly dark turn. Only the Prophet understands the secret of her gift, but the price of the knowledge may turn out to be more than Nazafareen is willing to pay...

Book Review
Pre-reading Thoughts:

I loved the first book. I started reading it but later only found myself devouring the book. If you have yet to read the first book… Go and get but you can also look at my review for it if you are interest. You can find that here. But I am very excited to see how this book plays out. 

Please note that in no way has receiving the book impacted my opinion. I have received this book in order to post a review for a blog tour. All opinions are my own.

Writing Thoughts:

All I can say is soooooo goooooooood. I really enjoyed this novel. It was so well written and probably better than the first book. I flew threw the pages of this book like to was nothing.  The book was incredibly well written.

Plot Thoughts:

The plot was good. It wasn’t as enticing as the first one but it was still really good. There’s a little bit of romance thrown in here along with a lot more action. This is one story that definitely keeps you on your toes. Things definitely unfolded a lot quicker in this book!

Character Thoughts:

I felt like there wasn’t much character development in this story instead it was focused on developing what had happened in the previous book and enhancing those features. I love all of the characters in this book. They are all head strong individuals who would face things worse than death to ensure that freedom is given to all.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I thought that this book was a great sequel to the first book. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but I really enjoyed it. This book is filled with more romance and action than the first book but I did feel like it lacked something… I am not too sure what…. In the end, I cannot wait to get to Queen of Chaos!

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